Moving Forward - Official Support Stance

As Joomla! 1.6 reaches its official End of Life (EOL) today, and future versions of Joomla! will reach EOL much quicker than in the past, I felt it important to clarify my support stance concerning Joomla! development.

Current Versions

Current versions of Joomla! will be 100% supported.  Any issues with my code that exist in the current, officially supported, versions of Joomla! will be resolved in a timely manner as I do all bug reports.

Future Versions

Officially, my extensions will not be fully adapted to the next release of Joomla! until that release reaches the beta status, meaning there should be no further API changes in the core code.  Depending on changes that are made between releases, compatibility may not be present the day the beta release is made, but 100% compatibility will be the goal by the day of stable release.

Previous Versions

I develop my code based on the current versions of Joomla!.  As of today, that is Joomla! 1.5 and 1.7.  For those still running on 1.0, I have not tested my code there and I am fairly certain that Tweet Display Back, my only pre-1.6 extension, won't operate there correctly.  As far as 1.6 goes, with it's EOL today, I officially am ending support for bugs specific to this release.  That being said, if bugs are found to be present in 1.5 or 1.7 (or whatever the current versions are at the time), they will be fixed.

Feature Support

As the Joomla! Platform and CMS progress, so will my code.  If I adapt code for my extensions that prevents the extension from being fully backwards compatible, I will introduce checks in the installation method preventing installation of the extension with a message concerning the minimum version of Joomla! needed.  This will also be clearly noted on the About pages as well as in release notices.  All prior releases of my extensions are posted on this site to allow users to use them as needed on older versions of Joomla!, but they will be unsupported on the older releases.


Got a question, comment, concern, or gripe about my stance?  Feel free to post a comment here or use the contact form on my Contact Me page to get answers.