Farewell, FLBab...

For the last year and a half, has served as my banner, my brand, my online home in the development world.  Nothing fancy, nothing big.  But as with all good things, eventually they must evolve into something bigger.  That is why today I have shut down and moved operations under a new banner, BabDev.

What is BabDev?

BabDev is the next step of what I have been working on for the last year and a half.  It is me building a brand around the work I do, furthering my name and presence in the online world.  With the change in name comes some new curtains courtesy of Fabian Marchinko from Brandsimplicity.  All of my extensions now have their own identity falling under the larger banner of my new branding.  Aside from a new name and a new look, everything is still the same as it has always been.  I will continue to do the same work I have always done, my current suite of extensions will continue to be forever free, and I will still give back to a community that has helped me grow enormously both personally and professionally.

Where's Everything At?

Aside from a couple sections and a few modules which have been unpublished, everything is still organized and linked the same way as it was at  Simply replace the existing URL with the new URL and you're all set.  With any luck, my redirects will also take you where you want to go ;-)

So, What's Next?

As I said before, nothing is really going to change from how things were before.  Naturally, I'm looking to expand on what I do, and hopefully will have the time after the new year to finalize these plans and sort out the legal stuff.  Keep an eye out on Twitter and this site for more news!

Contact Me

Got a question about what is happening?  Find something on the site that doesn't look right?  Have suggestions for the site or anything else?  Need some help with anything?  Feel free to post a comment here or use the contact form on my Contact Me page to get answers.