Where's Michael?

The last couple of months have seen me go somewhat silent in my public coding endeavors.  I haven't done many patches to the J! code as of late, my own projects have been sitting a bit dormant for a little while, and all in all, aside from a few occasional mentions and tweets, I've kinda allowed myself to drop off the map.

Busy, Busy, Busy!

Anyone who knows me knows I'm always busy with something, usually more than I probably should be, and that's no different right now.  Aside from actually writing code, I've been discussing future ideas with folks, helping to get things rolling for Joomla! to be in GSoC this year (and helping to mentor as I'm available, as of late, not as often as I'd like to be), travelling around Europe a little bit, and dealing with quite a bit with my day job and getting ready to move back over to the United States in a couple of months.

How About Some Code?

Well, I've got some floating around that I'm using as an example for GSoC or testing some ideas for Joomla! 3.0 with (check my forks of the CMS and Platform on GitHub).  Trust me, I've got a lot of ideas floating around that I haven't actually pushed forward or coded yet (or discussed with folks working on the same things).  As far as my own products, well, here it goes:

  • Podcast Manager - First off, congratulations to Cory Webb Media for the recent release of Podcast Suite 2.0!  Joe's version of Podcast Suite for J! 1.5 was the inspiration for my code using J! 1.6 and beyond, and it's nice to see the mastermind back at work on code that has become quite popular.  Does that mean my own extension is going to disappear?  Not just no, but hell no!  Both products handle business a bit differently, and working on this code for the last year has brought out some of my better coding days.  I'm still hard at work on my own 2.0 release which will bring forward a lot of improvements.  I will say that right now there are a couple of major features I'm beginning work on, and once those are complete, then 2.0 will be pushed forward to the stable release.
  • Tweet Display Back - The current version is pretty stable and pretty feature packed for the simple task it is designed to accomplish.  That being said, my next "major" release will probably not happen for quite some time as it will depend on a JTwitter library I've started work on to add to the Joomla! Platform (and was the cornerstone for the Social Package GSoC idea).  Simply put, people want to be able to do more with the module than what it does now.  I can either add a lot of overhead to my own code and do things my own way or write/mentor a package that all developers can benefit from and will still allow me to add the features people are asking for.  Obviously, you know which route I'm pushing for.  Just with the basic things I've added to my framework of the library, I see Tweet Display Back taking a huge step forward with the next major version.
  • Yet Another Social Plugin - This guy's been in beta for quite some time, for no other reason than I've ignored it.  I will soon make the finishing touches to the current code, to include getting the translations updated as best as I can (thanks to OpenTranslators for that help), and release the stable 1.1 version.  As I said when it was first released, it is using pretty stable public APIs so I didn't expect many releases, but I should have finalized this release long ago when the two major additions were actually committed.  You live and learn.

Enough Talk

I fully intend on getting some new code out there soon for folks to play with, as well as start building my proposed talk for J and Beyond '12 (that is, if you want to hear me run my mouth in person for a little while), and dealing with all the other business I gotta deal with along the way.  So stay tuned, the year is still young and my fingers can only move so fast ;-)