JAB Travel - Getting from Frankfurt to Bad Nauheim

Since I'm here in Germany already and will be driving to Bad Nauheim for J & Beyond, I'd like to make an offer to those flying into Frankfurt International Airport on Thursday, May 17th to help with the final leg of their travel.


After I get off work Thursday afternoon, I will be hitting the autobahn and making the drive to Bad Nauheim.  My drive takes me past Frankfurt International Airport, so to help out travelers coming in later in the day, I'm willing to stop in at the airport and pick you up on my way in.  I'll be leaving Baumholder hopefully no later than 16:00 UTC+2, so I should be at the airport between 17:30 and 17:45.

Pick Me Up, Please?

Sure thing!  I should have room for 2 or 3 comfortably (depending on the amount of baggage you're bringing with you).  If you're interested, just let me know in advance so that I can plan accordingly.  You can either use the comments form below, the contact link above, or e-mail me directly if you already have my address, and we can work out the details.

Back to Frankfurt

Unfortunately, I have to be back at work Monday morning, so I'll be leaving Bad Nauheim shortly after the event ends Sunday night.  If anyone's looking for a ride out to the airport, a local train station, or something like that, I can help with that as well, but I'm not expecting too many folks will be leaving so soon.