The Unspoken Acceptance Speech

Earlier tonight during the J!OSCAR Presentations at J & Beyond, I was voted by the members of the Joomla! community to receive the GitHub Junkie Award.  I must say I'm very honored to have received the award, and though I didn't actually say anything when I received this one, quite honestly, the exact opposite is true.

As Brian Teeman so pointed out as I walked away, I'm actually a very shy guy.  A lot of people wouldn't notice this during JAB since I've had the opportunity to talk to a lot of people, but if there is one thing I really don't like, it's being in front of a large group and talking (ironic considering that all things included, I've done just that for 2 presentations, a working group session, and 1 lightning talk so far).  Another thing is I really don't like talking about myself very much.  For me to go on about myself for 20+ minutes like I did the previous night with Dianne Henning as she was recording the JoomStew sessions is a rarity in itself, and I think a lot of that is best left to be heard later on (so Robert, don't cut it!  LOL)

Truth be told, I'm humbled, honored, and excited to have been selected for the GitHub Junkie award. To me, it is a validation of sorts for anyone who receives a J!OSCAR.  Receiving the award validates that what you've done has made a difference in some manner.  For the extensions that are recognized, like ACL Manager, their purpose and usefulness are recognized.  For the websites that are recognized, this is a way to demonstrate the power in the Joomla! CMS and Platform and the abilities of the people involved in their development.  For the individuals who receive awards, this validates that the community values what it is that person has done and believes that person is contributing positively.

When I first read the short list for the two categories I was nominated in, I was in shock.  In the GitHub Junkie award, I was nominated alongside three people who I think have done a lot more than I have in key areas.  Andrew Eddie and Louis Landry have obviously given a lot to Joomla! over the years, and to be honest, I don't think that even a J!OSCAR could properly recognize those contributions.  The other individual was Rouven Weßling, someone I've spent a lot of time talking to and looking over code with over the last two days, and working alongside over the last several months to make the code better for all.  Any of the four of us rightfully deserve this recognition, so to be selected is truly amazing.

For those who weren't here in Bad Nauheim for the event, you may have missed that when the Joomla! Platform was selected as the Innovation of the Year, that Rouven, Elin, and I were given the privilege of accepting the award on behalf of the Platform.  As I said when we were standing in front of everyone, I really felt as though I didn't deserve that recognition.  The things I've done for the Platform have been mostly maintenance, keeping things working.  The award belongs to folks like Andrew, Louis, Ian, Rob, and that group that really took the Platform and made it its own entity and have truly innovated some great new stuff along the way.

I'll blog more about my experiences here at J & Beyond later in the week, but I look at the J!OSCAR sitting on the desk here in my room at the Dolce Bad Nauheim and I think back about the last two years and everything I've done to make people think I deserve this recognition.  For me, it's never about the recognition, and when people like Ryan Ozimek tweet about how "Some of #joomla's greatest contributors are also its quietest", I feel like I fall into that group as someone who just does things and doesn't look for the attention.

Thank you to everyone who truly felt that I deserved this recognition.  It honestly means a lot to me to know that I've earned a lot of people's trust and respect for the things I've done.  One of my biggest challenges now is going to convince myself to leave Bad Nauheim after the event ends tomorrow afternoon (well, I guess later today at this point) because I've finally gotten the chance to meet and spend time with so many great people that the closest I've come to actually speaking with is a Skype chat.  I honestly look forward to having the opportunity to getting to more J! events and seeing these same great folks again and meeting some new friends along the way.