Some Site Updates, Getting Responsive

Just a quick note here about some small updates to the site here, and gladly sharing that the first steps to being responsive have been taken (I know, welcome to 2012, right?  LOL).

Embracing Bootstrap

At a whim, I updated the site to Joomla! 3 a couple of weeks ago.  Still using the template I've been running for a while now, visually, there weren't any differences.  Presumably, I was the owner of the most non-responsive Joomla! 3 website published on the web.  I finally fixed that.  Continuing my like of Matt Thomas' Construct Framework, I installed his updated Bootstruct template locally and got to work getting my site rebuilt on the newer template while still retaining most of the existing structure.  Overall, I accomplished that pretty quickly, then got to work on getting the site to be (mildly) responsive.  Then I started embracing bits and pieces of Bootstrap.  Surprisingly to some, you'll find very little that actually screams "this is Bootstrap" on the site; some buttons, a few icons, and the non-desktop menu module are really it.  So for everyone who says all Bootstrap sites look the same, obviously, they don't :-P

Somewhat Responsive

I'm sure any designer who reads this will start looking at my markup and criticizing how I've made things work, but my site is now much more mobile friendly than before (I can read and navigate quite efficiently on my iPhone at least).  It may not look pretty, and my methods may not be the most efficient (hey, I'm a developer, all this front end stuff is like a foreign language to me), but it works.  I'll work on it more as time passes, but the first hurdle has been passed.

Hey, This Is Broken!

As with any other update, there's always a chance that something doesn't quite work out right.  From my own tests, everything looks (mostly) right and functions well on desktop and mobile, but if you find something that's just complete trash and needs to be fixed, leave a comment here, tweet me, or use the Contact link to let me know.