Twitter v1 API Shutdown & How It Affects Your Twitter Extension

Yesterday, June 11, Twitter shut down version 1 of their API as they have been announcing for almost the last year.  This shutdown has a wide impact on older software, including older versions of Joomla extensions which used that API, including my Tweet Display Back module.

API Shutdown

For the non-technical readers, the API shutdown means that a data endpoint from which downstream users can collect data from is no longer available.  All versions of Tweet Display Back prior to 3.0 were using the now shutdown version of the API.  Since the shutdown, I've received nearly a dozen messages about the module no longer working.  Well, this is why.  This change doesn't just impact my own code, but every product written using this version of the Twitter API; CMS extensions and Twitter clients included.

Impact to Users

As eluded to, older versions of software, or software that is now unmaintained, will not work if they depend on the now shutdown API.  The only option at this point is to either update your software, or if the software is unmaintained or won't be updated for the new API, to find a new alternative.  In the case of my Twitter module, this effectively means that I no longer have a version of it which will work on any version of Joomla prior to 2.5.  Additionally, there were other items that were shut down with the API turn off.  Older Twitter widgets (which I supported in version 2.1 of my module) have also been retired and won't work either.

If you're affected by this change, please update your software.  If you're using my module and you're running Joomla 2.5 or newer, please update to the latest release (as of this posting, it is Tweet Display Back 3.0.1).  If you're using my module and are on an older version of Joomla, you'll need to find another extension which still supports these versions of the CMS to display your data.  For third party clients, other CMS's, and affected Twitter consumers in general, I urge you to either update your software or find a suitable replacement.