New Year, New Thoughts, New Goals

As is customary for most when the end of a year dawns upon us, we reflect on our actions of the previous year and look at ways we want to make the next year better than the one that is ending. The same can be said for me, and boy what a year this has been.

I started this year still stationed at Fort Gordon, Georgia, and was in the process of building a new website for the alumni association my buddy and I were looking to establish. I was finishing my tour of duty there and getting myself ready to head on over to Germany. And I was finishing up one of the numerous college courses I was taking at the time. Through all that, I'd started looking at ways to make that website I was building manageable by those who would be here and not depend on me to do all the work, when I stumbled back into the world of Joomla!.

I don't need to tell that story; it's been written on a few times (see my own blog and October's Joomla! Community Magazine). What's important is all that has happened in the time since then. I started with doing web design as a hobby with a basic knowledge of HTML and CSS and ended up spending the better part of four months devoting much of my spare time to working on Joomla! 1.6 bugs and learning a lot about PHP along the way. I also picked up a Twitter module I liked, enhanced upon it, released it to the wild, and branched it off to do something completely different. All this while still keeping up with college, doing what I'm paid to do, and giving my time back to the Joomla! Bug Squad and now Molajo.

2011 is going to be a crazy year for me. I'll start the year still based in Germany, but will end it having my first combat deployment mostly complete. I'll still be giving my time back to Joomla! and Molajo, and am excited to see where the core project heads after 1.6 and what kind of goodies we push into Molajo. I'll keep up with my current Joomla! extensions, and if all falls into place, you might see my name associated with another popular extension. But, more to come on that later ;-)

Also, if my plans work out, I should finish my Associates Degree this year, something I'm excited to do. I'd be the first in my family to do so, and with all the work I do elsewhere, it's a goal I'm happy to reach.

It'll be a crazy year, and it'll be a fun year. I'm excited to see where 2011 takes me, especially with all of my successes from 2010.