Tweet Display Back - The Future

After 17 successful stable releases of Tweet Display Back, one can only wonder just how much more a simple module can be developed. Never fear, there is much more to come. Here's just a sample of the future for Tweet Display Back.

Version 2.0

Development unofficially started on version 2.0 earlier this week after a few e-mails with Jurian Even of Twentronix. He has coded a solution that will allow users to filter out tweets that meet certain conditions. For now, focus is on filtering @replies and user mentions (excluding @replies), but this same code will be reusable to apply other types of filtering. Among other improvements that Jurian has brought to the table, he added a last-tweet class to the nostyle template to allow for further customization of the last displayed tweet on this template. Also, through his filtering features, he has included the user entities data provided by Twitter's API, which has allowed me to make a change in how links within tweets are generated (which should hopefully avoid a condition where the link code can be broken with certain characters). This stages Tweet Display Back to be able to work with Twitter's new native media (namely pictures within tweets). Lastly, the helper class is using all of the 1.5 methods to allow for the repository to contain only one version of the code, making for more efficient management. There are a few version dependent files within the repository, but as anyone who reviews the now public build script can tell, packages are built to be version specific to your Joomla! installation while using native capabilities within each version.

Be on the lookout soon for the first developer release of version 2.0, which will be posted to the Releases repository once the last couple of kinks in the filtering are worked out.

What's after 2.0?

At this point, I couldn't even tell you. Filtering wasn't even something I had thought of trying, but thanks to Jurian, it is now an option for users. After moving fully to GitHub with the launch of 2.0 development, now users can more easily contribute their ideas by adding them to the Issue Tracker or by forking Tweet Display Back. I've never personally had a road map for how I planned to improve upon this extension, but I am always open to new ideas and as long as users continue to download and use the extension (since April 1, there have been just over 3,600 downloads), I will continue to support the extension.