How Came To Be

Believe it or not, I've had this domain since either January or February of 2008.  Until I migrated it to Joomla! a few weeks ago, I had no reason to advertise it's existence.

For almost two years, the domain sat dormant.  Until I started using the domain as my primary e-mail, nobody knew it existed.

I guess first, let me explain the name of FLBab.  It's actually quite simple.  I'm a native of Sarasota, Florida (FL) and a common nickname because of my last name is Bab.  FLBab, really simple, huh?

So in 2008, my interest in web design spiked again.  Having always enjoyed it since I started with basic HTML pages and hard-coded style within those pages in 2002, I decided it was time to get my skills to be current.  At that point, I knew practically nothing about using CSS styling with web pages, so that was the first thing I wanted to understand.  So, I found an old template I'd worked with after moving the site I maintained to fall under the school's domain, got a hold of a copy of Adobe Dreamweaver, and started analyzing different things.  After a while, I realized that the actual styling put into the CSS was the same as the hard-coded styling I was using in the HTML definitions.  It was at that point that I finally understood the attributes of id and class (but, I didn't understand the difference between the two until earlier this year).

I'd occasionally mess with the site; trying different things with the CSS and HTML, seeing what I could break and how things all worked out.  It went on like that for a little two years.

Last year, my old e-mail account on Yahoo! was seemingly hacked into.  I started seeing hundreds of e-mail failed delivery type messages in my spam box, and not to my surprise, Yahoo's response sucked.  After that, I migrated all of my accounts off that e-mail address.  I decided I didn't want an address on any of the common domains (Yahoo!, Hotmail, GMail, etc.).  So, I configured my copy of Microsoft Outlook to pull down e-mail from this domain, changed all the online accounts I had to use this domain, and shared the new address with close friends and family. had finally seen public acknowledgement of it's existence, a year and a half after birth.

Fast forward to May 2010.  Sick of Yahoo's web hosting and their apparent lack of care to upgrade any server technologies, I moved hosts.  First to go was my other site,, since I had wanted to add some things to that site but couldn't due to Yahoo's restrictions based on their technologies.  I got the site transferred over (e-mail included) without any problems, and immediately started work on this site.

At that point, there really wasn't anything on this site.  So, whatever I put on here would be a fresh start for the site.  I decided to put this site on Joomla! after the work I'd done with the other site.  I quickly got Joomla! installed, added a few extensions to at least give the site a little bit of look, found a font I liked in Photoshop for the site name, and made this site publicized via the Joomla! Forum and my Twitter account.

The site was still pretty bland (and looks wise, some would say it still is since it's using the JA_Purity default template, but I think the simple appearance goes with my character, so...), so I decided I needed to add some content to the site.  My blog was born, as well as the photo galleries.  All good blogs have a comment system, so comments were added.

That's my story, and I'm stickin' to it!  LOL