The Beginnings of a Brand

A year ago this month, I quietly released my first Joomla! extension, Tweet Display Back, to no fanfare on a site that had recently been built on the JA_Purity default template.  Still a relative newcomer to the Joomla! world, I hadn't expected just how much a year would change things.

A Memorable Anniversary

Over the last year, I've become quite the busy bee.  I've published about 20 releases of Tweet Display Back, developed Podcast Manager, filled an itch for social networking on my site and released the results as Yet Another Social Plugin, submitted and tested hundreds of patches for Joomla! 1.6 (2.0?) based code, shared a few ideas with other 3PD developers, and all in all worked on a lot of code as I continue to learn and expand my own skill set.

Brandless Name

I never considered this adventure to be something serious, and honestly, a part of me still doesn't.  I do what I do because I enjoy it, and I'm able to do it without requiring financial support because I've got a (somewhat) guaranteed paycheck (as long as the US keeps its bills paid... LOL) and I enjoying writing code.  What this site has become in the year since the initial build is nothing like I envisioned.  I pictured having a site to blog and that was about all.  Now that my name is out there and I have code that is widely used (the 7000+ downloads of Tweet Display Back over the last year should say something), maybe it's time to take things serious and market myself and this site as such.

A Brand's Foundation - Imagery

As I asked for a week and a half ago, I was looking for designers to help build a brand.  I had quite a few offers, but in the end, I selected to work with Fabian Marchinko of Brandsimplicity to get the job done, and I am most definitely not disappointed with this choice.  In looking at his portfolio, there was something about his work that immediately impressed me, and it was a feeling I echoed when I saw his concepts for me.  A crucial part of any brand's total image is in the logo and I think his work will be enjoyed by many as it is debuted.


Yet Another Social Plugin logoWith the graphics complete, it is time to not only incorporate them into my online presence here, but to make it all fit together.  Fabian and I will be working together to do just that, redesigning to give a complete new appearance to go with the branding that he has designed.  The structure will remain the same, so finding everything will continue to be just as easy as a few clicks.  That being said, be on the lookout for teasers over the next few weeks leading to the launch of the redesigned site, teasers such as the graphic to the right of this paragraph.