As Joomla! celebrates its eighth birthday, a very special opportunity exists to celebrate the successes of the project and highlight its future to developers in the Nashville area in the month of August.

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Yesterday, June 11, Twitter shut down version 1 of their API as they have been announcing for almost the last year.  This shutdown has a wide impact on older software, including older versions of Joomla extensions which used that API, including my Tweet Display Back module.

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Just a quick note here about some small updates to the site here, and gladly sharing that the first steps to being responsive have been taken (I know, welcome to 2012, right?  LOL).

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So after an interesting discussion about overriding CSS and JS in Joomla! over the weekend, I might have accidentally stumbled on this nifty little Hidden Joomla Secret.  Best part is it works in the currently supported versions of Joomla!, 2.5 and 3.0 (testing on earlier versions is encouraged though).

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At last, I was able to attend my first Joomla! event ever.  What better way to start off my experiences than with the biggest event the Joomla! community has to offer, J & Beyond.  With that said, I'd really love to share my thoughts about the event from my perspective as a speaker, someone sitting in on the sessions, and a first time visitor to the event.

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