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Podcast Manager

Podcast Manager is a suite of extensions for Joomla! 2.5 and later allowing the user to manage and publish a podcast feed from their site. The suite is distributed with ten extensions:

  • com_podcastmanager - The main component of the suite to manage and publish your podcasts and feeds
  • com_podcastmedia - A modified version of the core Media Manager to handle file management specifically for this suite
  • lib_getid3 - The getID3 library is used to extract key metadata from uploaded podcast files, simplifying the publishing process
  • mod_podcastmanager - A simple display module to display a link to your podcast feed on your site
  • mod_podcastmanagerfeed - A module which displays links to the latest podcast episodes in a feed
  • plg_content_podcastmanager - A content plugin allowing you to display either a link or an audio player for a podcast episode inside various elements on the site
  • plg_editors-xtd_podcastmanager - A button plugin integrating with the article editor allowing users to select a podcast episode for insertion in an article
  • plg_finder_podcastmanager_feeds - A plugin allowing Podcast Manager feeds to be indexed by the Smart Search component
  • plg_finder_podcastmanager_podcasts - A plugin allowing Podcast Manager podcasts to be indexed by the Smart Search component
  • plg_podcastmedia_user - An example plugin for the 'podcastmedia' plugin type allowing users to modify the default file path for the File Manager based on a given condition; this appends the logged in username

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Joomla! natively is a multi-language software suite thanks to the availability of language packs covering over 60 languages. What kind of support does Podcast Manager have?

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Podcast Manager comes with several basic options to aide in managing your podcast feed and user experience.

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