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In order to submit your feed to iTunes, you must specify the URL for your feed.  In addition to the link that is available directly in the Feed Management section in the backend (added in the 2.0.1 release), this short tutorial will show you three methods to accomplish this.

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Podcast Manager 1.8 adds a new JavaScript media player to the distribution giving users a new way to display their embedded media in their articles or feed listing, as well as style the player to match the rest of their site's appearance.

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The content plugin for Podcast Manager 2.0 was re-written to use a new default player syntax (don't worry, the 1.x syntax will keep working).  The benefit to this is that it fixes a bug (Have you changed your podcast's title?  If you did, you had to update all plugin uses.) and it enables users to override the default player settings on a per-use basis.

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Podcast Manager 2.0 comes with the MediaElement.JS player to handle all of your media playing needs.  Since the player is rendered in HTML, it is easy to customize.

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The Podcast Manager 1.7 release introduces several changes to the suite, primarily within the main component and the module. As such, users who upgrade will need to be mindful of the changes as well as update some of their information.

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