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Getting Your RSS Feed's URL

In order to submit your feed to iTunes, you must specify the URL for your feed.  In addition to the link that is available directly in the Feed Management section in the backend (added in the 2.0.1 release), this short tutorial will show you three methods to accomplish this.

Method 1 - Menu Item Link

The simplest method is to create a menu item linking to Podcast Manager's "RSS Feed" view via your Joomla! site's Menu Manager.  Not only will this give you the URL of your choosing, but it also gives you a SEF friendly URL and one you can easily share with friends, family, and other podcasters.

Method 2 - System Generated Link

If you are using Podcast Manager's "Feed Listing" view (set up from your site's Menu Manager), then there is a link to your RSS feed including in the HTML source of this page.  Right click on the Feed Listing page on your site and view the source.  Look for a <link> element in the <head> section of the HTML with a type="application/rss+xml" tag.  This is most likely your feed's RSS link.  To make sure, the link should either be very similar to your Feed Listing page's URL or have podcastmanager somewhere within it.  Make sure you append your domain to the front of that link when copying it into iTunes.

Method 3 - Default URL

As with all Joomla! components, you can get to any page within the component using a system generated link.  That link for the Podcast Manager RSS feed is www.example.com/index.php?option=com_podcastmanager&format=raw&feeedname=<feed_id> where <feed_id> is the ID of your feed (you can get this from the Podcast Manager Feeds view in your site's admin section).