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PM 2.x - Overriding the Default Player Settings

The content plugin for Podcast Manager 2.0 was re-written to use a new default player syntax (don't worry, the 1.x syntax will keep working).  The benefit to this is that it fixes a bug (Have you changed your podcast's title?  If you did, you had to update all plugin uses.) and it enables users to override the default player settings on a per-use basis.

Plugin Syntax

The button plugin has been updated to insert the new base syntax, which uses the podcast's ID instead of the title.  At a minimum, you'll need this bit of text to get your media player: {podcast id=1}. If you don't know the ID of your podcast off the top of your head, it is inserted with the button plugin and listed in the back end podcast listing.

Now, the full syntax to override the settings: {podcast id=1;player=link;width=400;height=400}. Of these, the id element is the only required element (otherwise, the plugin will fail).  The player element allows you to specify a media player for this use and must be one of these three entries:

  • custom
  • link
  • player

If it isn't one of these, you won't see a player on your page but will have an informative entry in your log file.

The width and height elements pretty self explanatory; they set the width and height of the player.

Must Use All Elements

As of the 2.0 Alpha 2 release, if you intend to override the height and width of the media player, then you must also specify the player element (this can be blank, so the syntax would be {podcast id=1;player=;width=400;height=400} for example).  Further optimization will occur as 2.0 stabilizes (this feature was only finished within a few days of the Alpha 2 release).