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Upgrading from 1.6 to 1.7

The Podcast Manager 1.7 release introduces several changes to the suite, primarily within the main component and the module. As such, users who upgrade will need to be mindful of the changes as well as update some of their information.

Database Changes

With the addition of the multi-feed feature, several changes had to be made to the 1.6 database schema in order to handle this addition. One field is added to the original table to identify the feed based on the feed ID in the new feeds table. When upgrading, if you are able to access your database through a tool like phpMyAdmin, you can verify these changes by looking at your Joomla! installation's database and verifying that a #__podcastmanager_feeds table exists and that a feedname field exists in the #__podcastmanager table. For 1.7 Beta users, the description field for the feed was originally set at a 255 character max. This has been changed to 5120 characters. Script is in place to make this change when upgrading, but I recommend checking your table structure for the #__podcastmanager_feeds table to verify this change.

Feed Information

In the 1.6 release, feed information was set in the component parameters. Since 1.7 has introduced the multi-feed feature, this is no longer the case. The upgrade script will automatically create a feed in the new structure retaining your previous settings and assign all existing podcast episodes to this feed.

Category Management

Previously, category management was inconsistent. Taking advantage of improvements in the Joomla! Framework, a standardized field has been created with the iTunes category structure and this field is implemented in the feed and podcast management process. Previously, this list was used for the feed management in 1.6 (although it was somewhat buggy and difficult to manage) but podcast episodes had a text entry field for the category. This change cannot be automated; users will need to update all of their podcast episodes to re-assign a category if they so choose. Because of the aforementioned bugs with the category list, not all category selections will migrate to the upgraded version.