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About Podcast Manager

Podcast Manager is a suite of extensions for Joomla! 2.5 and later allowing the user to manage and publish a podcast feed from their site. The suite is distributed with ten extensions:

  • com_podcastmanager - The main component of the suite to manage and publish your podcasts and feeds
  • com_podcastmedia - A modified version of the core Media Manager to handle file management specifically for this suite
  • lib_getid3 - The getID3 library is used to extract key metadata from uploaded podcast files, simplifying the publishing process
  • mod_podcastmanager - A simple display module to display a link to your podcast feed on your site
  • mod_podcastmanagerfeed - A module which displays links to the latest podcast episodes in a feed
  • plg_content_podcastmanager - A content plugin allowing you to display either a link or an audio player for a podcast episode inside various elements on the site
  • plg_editors-xtd_podcastmanager - A button plugin integrating with the article editor allowing users to select a podcast episode for insertion in an article
  • plg_finder_podcastmanager_feeds - A plugin allowing Podcast Manager feeds to be indexed by the Smart Search component
  • plg_finder_podcastmanager_podcasts - A plugin allowing Podcast Manager podcasts to be indexed by the Smart Search component
  • plg_podcastmedia_user - An example plugin for the 'podcastmedia' plugin type allowing users to modify the default file path for the File Manager based on a given condition; this appends the logged in username

Features Include

  • Easy to use interface - All user interaction is performed via the familiar Joomla! administrator interface, and all options are clearly labeled for ease of use
  • Full integration - Through the use of additional components and plugins, the main podcast management component is integrated with ease to other areas of the Joomla! administrator area
  • Multiple feeds - Unlike other extensions, Podcast Manager enables you to host multiple feeds from your site.  And you can use the Joomla! ACL to restrict who can manage what feeds.
  • Feed directly to iTunes - The RSS feed produced by the component is designed on iTunes requirements for a podcast feed, and as such, is able to be submitted to iTunes as a regular podcast feed
  • Play episodes from within your site - Through the content plugin, you can include a MediaElement.JS media player, or insert your own link or player directly in your site's articles to play the audio from a podcast file
  • Optional Administrator Overrides - Joomla! allows users to customize the administrator templates using the same overrides as the site templates.  As such, users can download overrides for Hathor, the accessible template distributed with Joomla!.  As well, a set of layouts specific to Joomla! 3 is included in the package, and only installed on that version.
  • Easy updates - Updates can be performed in several manners.  With the 1.8 release, an icon is added to the component's new dashboard notifying you of updates.  You can also use the Joomla! Extension Manager to check for updates and install them from this centralized view.  Finally, you can always download the package from this site and install it in the Extension Manager.  Either way, your data isn't erased and you'll have the latest version quickly.


Podcast Manager is a free extension suite released on the GPL license. Visit the Releases section to download the suite and HTML overrides.

  • Stable
    • Joomla! Version 2.5.6 and later supported through 2.2.0 (current release)
  • Administrator HTML Overrides
    • Hathor

Find a bug? Want to see a new feature? Post it to the Issue Tracker! Improve the code yourself; fork Podcast Manager on GitHub! Share your review of Podcast Manager on the Joomla! Extensions Directory.

View support documentation here, included detailed descriptions of the parameters and suite functions.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q What does Podcast Manager do?
The primary purpose of Podcast Manager is to allow a user to publish podcast feeds from their Joomla! website. The suite is distributed with two extensions total; the primary management component and nine additional extensions helping with the ease of use and adding integration to the site.

Q What versions of Joomla! do you support?
Currently, Joomla! 2.5.6 and later, including all 3.x releases, are supported.

Q Can I request features or report bugs?
Certainly! The links for these activities are just below the download links above this FAQ section. Feel free to contribute patches or fork the code and push it back to the master branch on GitHub! Appropriate credit will be given if an idea you code is included.

Q What can I do to support you?
My time is extremely taxed between my paying job, contribution to Joomla!, and supporting my own extensions. The best way you can support Podcast Manager is by using the extension, troubleshooting bugs, and contributing new ideas (with code if possible).