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Podcast Manager


Podcast Manager comes with several basic options to aide in managing your podcast feed and user experience.

com_podcastmanager - Main Component

With version 2.0, the main component has two groups of options managing permissions to access the component and site management settings.


  • Link Presentation - Decide which type of link to display for podcast episodes in an article
    • Custom - Use the custom link code specified below
    • Link - Displays an HTML link to the podcast file
    • Media Player - Displays a MediaElement.JS player in the article to play the podcast file
  • Custom Player Code - If choosing to display a custom player, enter the code for it here
  • Player Width/Height - Set the dimensions for the Flash or QuickTime player displayed in the article
  • Enclosure Link Title - Customize the text displayed with the HTML link
  • Minimum Release Stability - Choose the minimum stability level to receive upgrade notices about on the dashboard
  • Enable Logging - Choose to enable logging for the component. If enabled, a log file is generated in your site's logs folder called podcastmanager.php; this is useful for troubleshooting as most front end errors are now hidden.

Podcast Manager Settings Tab


The permissions configured on this tab configure access to the main podcast management component as well as the file manager. The permissions are the same as the core Joomla! permissions. By default, the permissions are inherited from the Global Configuration.

Podcast Manager Permissions Tab

com_podcastmedia - File Manager Component

The file manager inherits all of the settings from the core media manager, except for a few items which are either statically coded or can be overridden in the settings here. A breakdown of the settings is as follows:

User defined (Overridden):

  • File Path - Define the file path for where, relative to the site root, the media files are uploaded; defaults to media/com_podcastmanager
  • Manager Layout - Choose the layout to use for the File Manager; uses the same Thumbnails and Details options as found in the core Media Manager

Statically coded:

  • File extensions - The allowed file extensions are static coded into the component to match the allowed file types by iTunes. Allowed are:
    • Audio - MP3, M4A
    • Video - MP4, M4V, MOV
  • Mime Types - Again, these are statically coded to match the allowed file types by iTunes

mod_podcastmedia - Site Module

Basic Options:

  • RSS Link Text - Optional text to display with the module
  • Feed - Select the feed the module will link to
  • URI Scheme - The URI scheme for which the link is displayed; ITPC is specific to iTunes
  • Display Flat Link - Displays an additional HTTP link to the podcast feed, useful if displaying the ITPC link
  • Module Class Suffix - A suffix to optionally modify the output of the module
  • Other Link - Display a link alternative to the default link generated by the module
  • Other Image - Display an alternate image to the default image displayed by the module

Podcast Manager Module Basic Settings

mod_podcastmediafeed - Site Module

Basic Options:

  • Feed - Select the feed the module will link to
  • Count - Enter the number of items to display on the module
  • Show Podcast Summary - Choose to display the summary of the podcast
  • Show Podcast Author - Choose to display the author of the podcast
  • Show Podcast Creation Date - Choose to display the date the podcast was created
  • Show Podcast Player - Choose to display the media player for the podcast

Podcast Manager Feed Listing Module Basic Settings


The button, podcastmedia, and Smart Search plugins do not have any configurable options. The content plugin includes an option to disable loading jQuery with the plugin.