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Podcast Manager Developer Release 1.8 20110629

Podcast Manager 1.8 is planned to include several new features, which you can see a list of on the Issue Tracker. This package is the current 1.8 branch which has the new HTML view mostly complete as well as the addition of a new module to display a list of the latest podcast episodes. Support is also in place to use the new Akeeba Backup System Restore Point feature. Lastly, numerous bug fixes have been made since the previous developer release. Changes made to the 1.7 development head are included here as well. The package will install as 1.8 Alpha.

Released on: Wednesday, May 07, 2014 21:58


29-June-2011 Michael Babker Version 1.8 Changes

  • Add a feed listing module

29-June-2011 Michael Babker Version 1.7 Changes

  • Modified podcast summary field to allow up to 5120 characters
  • Fixed storage bug with itunescategory field

28-June-2011 Michael Babker Version 1.8 Changes

  • Joomla! 1.6.4 security fix
  • Added pagination to list layout
  • Added feed link to head
  • Removed params conversion in getItems
  • Add support for Akeeba Backup System Restore Points
  • Update getID3 library to 1.9.0 (Reverted)

28-June-2011 Michael Babker Version 1.7 Changes

  • Correct counts for feeds view
  • Fix media installer

22-June-2011 Michael Babker Version 1.8 Changes

  • Added JHtmlIcon helper for front end
  • Made consistent JEXEC checks
  • Changed com_podcastmedia to delete menus on postflight (again)
  • Add PodcastManagerHelperRoute

Podcast Manager 1.8 Developer Release - 29 June 2011

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