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Podcast Manager 1.6.0

NOTE - The template override packages are no longer available for this release.

This is the installation package for Podcast Manager 1.6.0. You can read the release notice for more information.

Released on: Wednesday, April 13, 2011 12:00

  • Filename not retained - There were a couple reports of the filename not being retained when a file is selected after the page refresh. To mitigate this, in the same function that pre-fills the podcast form, the filename is re-populated with the information from the cookie that is used to call the function.
  • Front end podcast selection - Selecting a podcast via the podcast button when editing from the front end wasn't possible previously due to an oversight on my part to ensure this was working. This functionality is now present.
  • Bug fixes and code cleanup - A couple of small bugs were fixed and unnecessary code was removed from the package
  • Core update support added for HTML Overrides packages
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