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Tweet Display Back Developer Release 2.0 20110628

This is a developer release for the forthcoming Tweet Display Back 2.0.  Please review the Release Notes for a full list of changes.

Released on: Wednesday, May 07, 2014 21:58


28-June-2011 Michael Babker

  • Changed "Filter ..." to "Show ..." for filter settings

27-June-2011 Jurian Even

  • Changed some comments
  • Changed variable name $tweetContainsMention to $tweetContainsMentionAndOrReply
  • Repositioned if ($count > 0) check in foreach loop, improved loadtime

27-June-2011 Michael Babker

  • Removed commented out logic since it has been replaced
  • Made $tweetContainsMentionAndReply more generalized and reset false value

26-June-2011 Jurian Even

  • Comments improved
  • Fixed naming of $tweetContainsMention to $tweetContainsMentionAndOrReply
  • Changed naming of $mention to $mentionSet
  • New calculation for $tweetOnlyReply, bug not yet fixed

26-June-2011 Michael Babker

  • Modified variable names
  • Code formatting
  • Added conditional to check mention to resolve undefined index error
  • Moved the check for number of tweets to execute pre-variable setup

25-June 2011 Jurian Even

  • Corrected if else structure in processFiltering function bigtime. Filering both filterMentions and filterReplies did not activate both if statements.
  • Corrected check for filter @mentions only, there is however a notice warning left (needs to be fixed)
  • Cleaned code
  • Added different variables
  • Restructured $count > 0

25-June-2011 Michael Babker

  • Corrected check for replies within the mentions conditional
  • Moved check for replies out of mentions conditional (this causes replies to be filtered with mentions)
  • Add check for RTs to count multiplier

24-June-2011 Jurian Even

  • Corrected error with no tweets returning with filtering disabled

24-June-2011 Michael Babker

  • Add new params to 1.7
  • Updated pt-BR translation
  • Modified Jurian's code to optimize filtering checks
  • Replaced preg_replace with str_replace using entities

23-June-2011 Jurian Even

  • Added params for filtering to 1.5 manifest
  • Initial code for filtering based on mentions and replies

23-June-2011 Michael Babker

  • Began restructuring repo for single repo version

23-June-2011 Michael Babker

  • Added TDB-last-tweet class for nostyle (thanks Jurian for the suggestion)

22-June-2011 Michael Babker

  • Added rel="nofollow" to all links (thanks Jurian for the suggestion)

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