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Tweet Display Back Developer Release 3.0.beta2

This is the first preview release of the forthcoming 3.0 release series. Please read the release notice for more information about the changes from 2.1.

Released on: Sunday, April 07, 2013 09:30


7-April-2013 Michael Babker

  • Convert to Twitter API 1.1

6-April-2013 Michael Babker

  • Remove the Widget templates, Twitter no longer supports these

24-December-2012 Michael Babker

  • Remove the CSS3 option; override the stylesheet to handle this

5-December-2012 Michael Babker

  • Remove the old media folder on update

Tweet Display Back 3.0 Beta - Released 5-December-2012

5-December-2012 Michael Babker

  • Add check for PHP 5.3

2-December-2012 Michael Babker

  • Improved error checking to do everything possible to display data
  • Add ability to override template CSS file

1-December-2012 Michael Babker

  • Converted helper class to OOP
  • Updated templates to work with new convention
  • Replaced JCache mechanism with homebrew code

17-November-2012 Michael Babker

  • Add compatibility class for J! 2.5 to simulate JHttpFactory
  • Store the JSON responses as static objects for advanced use

2-November-2012 Michael Babker

  • Change the tag to for HTML5 Validation

7-October-2012 Michael Babker

  • Update de-DE, es-ES, fr-FR, id-ID, it-IT, nl-**, pt-BR, pt-PT, sl-SI, & sv-SE translations

4-October-2012 Michael Babker

  • Update Follow button to use Twitter API object
  • Field styling for J! 3
  • Cleanup on favorites additions
  • [#37] Unsecure https error
  • [#40] https link in tweet is broken

4-October-2012 Edgars Piruška

  • [#44] Possibility to display user favorites

4-August-2012 Michael Babker

  • Add bootstrap template
  • Styling improvements for version field in J! 3

5-July-2012 Roberto Segura

  • [#43] W3C validation

15-June-2012 Michael Babker

  • Replace the cURL connector with JHttp
  • Remove dependency on PHP cURL

23-May-2012 Michael Babker

  • Update fr-FR, pt-PT translations
  • Added de-DE translation

21-May-2012 Michael Babker

  • Remove the damn rate limit check finally
  • Links in .TDB-tweet-time container smaller than other text

27-February-2012 Michael Babker

  • [#35] Internationalize hover titles on Web Intent actions

26-February-2012 Michael Babker

  • Added method to scriptfile to remove old language files

13-February-2012 Michael Babker

  • Update pt-BR translation

14-January-2012 Michael Babker

  • Add CMS version to internal version check for compatibility

25-December-2011 Michael Babker

  • Fix use of JHtmlDate::relative

29-November-2011 Michael Babker

  • Begin removal of deprecated code
  • Add scriptfile to check for PHP cURL and J! version

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