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Tweet Display Back 2.1.0

Tweet Display Back 2.1 introduces the ability to display Twitter's official widgets within your Joomla! site and adds a version checking field to the module editor.

Released on: Wednesday, September 21, 2011 13:30

21-September-2011 Michael Babker

  • Update fr-FR translation
  • Update nl-BE translation

15-September-2011 Michael Babker

  • Added id-ID translation

14-September-2011 Michael Babker

  • Added pt-PT translation

13-September-2011 Michael Babker

  • Added es-ES translation

10-September-2011 Michael Babker

  • Get the retweet count from a retweeted status
  • Set access level on all functions
  • Need to get the helper before the template processing begins

8-September-2011 Michael Babker

  • Load the CSS pre-processing so it is available for errors

Tweet Display Back 2.1 Beta - Released 2-September-2011

28-August-2011 Michael Babker

  • Add version check field

27-August-2011 Michael Babker

  • [#19] Apply font size directly to tweet-time links, add last-tweet class to all templates
  • Add Color Picker from Spiral Scripts for use with widget color fields

26-August-2011 Michael Babker

17-August-2011 Michael Babker

  • Reassign values for twitterFeedType
  • Modify template filters to only display module templates
  • Add logic to correctly set the template based on the feed type
  • Initial conversion of scripts to include configurable options

16-August-2011 Michael Babker

  • Add Widgets for profile, list, and search
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