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Tweet Display Back 2.1.2

Tweet Display Back 2.1.2 includes several bug fixes, new features, and updated translations.

Released on: Tuesday, December 13, 2011 07:45


13-December-2011 Michael Babker

  • Update es-ES translation
  • Update id-ID translation
  • Update it-IT translation
  • Update pt-BR translation
  • Update nl-** translations
  • Update sl-SI translation
  • Update sv-SE translation

25-November-2011 Michael Babker

  • Added internal deprecation notices for future J! support drops
  • Some links weren't going to new windows

24-November-2011 Michael Babker

  • Modified version check to support developer packages

16-November-2011 Michael Babker

  • Improved URL protocol check
  • Add link support for media entity URLs

15-November-2011 Michael Babker

  • [#26] link 'tweet-time' does not open in new window
  • Option to hide the "in reply to" text
  • Add margin to nostyle .TDB-footer-follow-img
  • Update nl-** translations
  • Update es-ES translation
  • Verify that URLs have the HTTP protocol

13-October-2011 Michael Babker

  • Update id-ID translation
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