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Tweet Display Back 2.1.beta

Tweet Display Back 2.1 introduces the ability to display Twitter's official widgets within your Joomla! site and adds a version checking field to the module editor.

Released on: Thursday, September 01, 2011 19:30

10-August-2011 Michael Babker

  • Move common template variables to be processed pre-rendering
  • Removed the count check from the templates as it is handled in the helper

8-August-2011 Michael Babker

  • Add it-IT translation (translated by Enrico Ardito)

2-August-2011 Michael Babker

  • Add jUpgrade migration files

31-July-2011 Michael Babker

  • Fix a bug in the Powered By link generation

29-July-2011 Michael Babker

  • Improve renderRetweetCount
  • Update fr-FR translation
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