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Tweet Display Back 3.0.0

Tweet Display Back 3.0.0 is the first stable release of the 3.0 series.

Released on: Friday, May 03, 2013 17:30


7-April-2013 Michael Babker

  • Convert to Twitter API 1.1

6-April-2013 Michael Babker

  • Remove the Widget templates, Twitter no longer supports these

24-December-2012 Michael Babker

  • Remove the CSS3 option; override the stylesheet to handle this

5-December-2012 Michael Babker

  • Remove the old media folder on update

Tweet Display Back 3.0 Beta - Released 5-December-2012

5-December-2012 Michael Babker

  • Add check for PHP 5.3

2-December-2012 Michael Babker

  • Improved error checking to do everything possible to display data
  • Add ability to override template CSS file

1-December-2012 Michael Babker

  • Converted helper class to OOP
  • Updated templates to work with new convention
  • Replaced JCache mechanism with homebrew code

17-November-2012 Michael Babker

  • Add compatibility class for J! 2.5 to simulate JHttpFactory
  • Store the JSON responses as static objects for advanced use

2-November-2012 Michael Babker

  • Change the tag to for HTML5 Validation

7-October-2012 Michael Babker

  • Update de-DE, es-ES, fr-FR, id-ID, it-IT, nl-**, pt-BR, pt-PT, sl-SI, & sv-SE translations

4-October-2012 Michael Babker

  • Update Follow button to use Twitter API object
  • Field styling for J! 3
  • Cleanup on favorites additions
  • [#37] Unsecure https error
  • [#40] https link in tweet is broken

4-October-2012 Edgars Piruška

  • [#44] Possibility to display user favorites

4-August-2012 Michael Babker

  • Add bootstrap template
  • Styling improvements for version field in J! 3

5-July-2012 Roberto Segura

  • [#43] W3C validation

15-June-2012 Michael Babker

  • Replace the cURL connector with JHttp
  • Remove dependency on PHP cURL

23-May-2012 Michael Babker

  • Update fr-FR, pt-PT translations
  • Added de-DE translation

21-May-2012 Michael Babker

  • Remove the damn rate limit check finally
  • Links in .TDB-tweet-time container smaller than other text

27-February-2012 Michael Babker

  • [#35] Internationalize hover titles on Web Intent actions

26-February-2012 Michael Babker

  • Added method to scriptfile to remove old language files

13-February-2012 Michael Babker

  • Update pt-BR translation

14-January-2012 Michael Babker

  • Add CMS version to internal version check for compatibility

25-December-2011 Michael Babker

  • Fix use of JHtmlDate::relative

29-November-2011 Michael Babker

  • Begin removal of deprecated code
  • Add scriptfile to check for PHP cURL and J! version
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