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Tweet Display Back

About Tweet Display Back

Tweet Display Back is a simple yet powerful Joomla! module that allows you to display your Twitter feed on your site.

Features include:

  • Four templates, each designed to allow you to quickly deploy the module on your site
  • Web Intents - Uses Twitter's Web Intents to display a user profile, reply to, retweet, or favorite a tweet, all in a pop-up window without having to leave the site you're visiting
  • Display a user, list, or favorites feed
  • Display options to customize the position of various module pieces
  • Filter @mentions, @replies, or retweets from your stream
  • Optionally display your Twitter profile info
  • Display as many or as few tweets as you choose
  • Translated into 12 languages
  • Uses Joomla! one-click update to update the module

Version, License, and Support

Tweet Display Back is a free module released on the GPL license. Visit the Releases section to download your copy today!

  • Stable
    • Version 3.1, Designed for Joomla! 2.5.6+ - Current version: 3.1.0

Find a bug? Want to see a new feature? Add your report to the Issue Tracker! Or, you can improve the code yourself; fork Tweet Display Back on GitHub! Share your review of Tweet Display Back on the Joomla! Extensions Directory.

View support documentation here, included detailed descriptions of the parameters and previews of the templates.

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