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Tweet Display Back added options to set up user authentication to the 3.1 release.  This guide will explain how to use the new "Authentication" tab.

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Updates to how the data is stored in Tweet Display Back 3.0 enables users to have greater potential for customizing the module to their site.

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Tweet Display Back ships with four templates that are ready to use but also easy to customize with a few CSS rules.

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Enabling Tweet Display Back's filtering capabilities can at times cause less tweets than expected to be rendered.  Depending on your settings and tweet habits, this can be temporary in nature or something that you will need to fix using Tweet Display Back's own parameters.

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Because of Twitter's API limiting and user settings, users occasionally receive the "This user has reached the maximum allowable queries against Twitter's API for the hour" message. By optimizing your settings, you can prevent this message being a common occurrence.

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