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3.1 - Set Up User Authentication

Tweet Display Back added options to set up user authentication to the 3.1 release.  This guide will explain how to use the new "Authentication" tab.

User Authentication Setup

The current version of the Twitter API requires users to be authenticated to twitter.com in order to use tools such as Tweet Display Back to retrieve data. Two authentication options are provided starting in version 3.1: providing a consumer key or a remote URL.

  • Consumer Key: A consumer key allows you to provide your own credentials to authenticate with Twitter. This is done through an application you create on your behalf.  Using this authentication method allows you to use your own account's API limits on Twitter; this is not shared with other users and allows you to make more requests to Twitter.  To create the application:
    • Go to https://dev.twitter.com
    • Sign in with your Twitter account
    • Hover over your avatar (where the sign in button was previously) and click on My Applications
    • Click on Create a new application
    • Fill in the required fields on the page and create your application.  Note the application name must be unique to all applications registered with Twitter.
    • On the application's information page, you will need to copy the Consumer Key and Consumer Secret under the OAuth settings section into the module's configuration under the Authentication tab
  • Remote URL: A remote URL can be provided which can be retrieved to fetch a token to use for the Twitter API.  This is the default setting for Tweet Display Back and provides application-only authentication.  Using the default remote URL uses a shared limit for the Twitter API which is exhausted very quickly as all users of the module are sharing it.