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Filtering & Tweet Count

Enabling Tweet Display Back's filtering capabilities can at times cause less tweets than expected to be rendered.  Depending on your settings and tweet habits, this can be temporary in nature or something that you will need to fix using Tweet Display Back's own parameters.

What's Happening?

Because Twitter doesn't natively filter tweets, the module has to filter them after retrieving the data from Twitter.  In this instance, this potentially means that less tweets than you specify would be displayed.  To get around this, there is logic in the module to increase the number of tweets that are pulled from Twitter depending on the number of active filters.  The logic breaks down as such:

  • Filter Types
    • Show Retweets (defined in Tweet Settings)
    • Show Mentions (defined in Filter Settings)
    • Show @Replies (defined in Filter Settings)
  • Module Logic for Active Filtering
    • If 1 filter is active, multiply "# of Tweets" parameter by 3
    • If 2 filters are active, multiply "# of Tweets" parameter by 4
    • If 3 filters are active, multiply "# of Tweets" parameter by 5

I Don't Get Enough Tweets

This method can be somewhat problematic if you are displaying a low number of tweets on your site.  In testing, we found that a site that displays only 2 tweets many times doesn't even get 2 tweets with filtering enabled (which would cause 6, 8, or 10 tweets to be pulled, depending on settings).  To help get around this, a "bypass" was added to the Filter Settings panel.  By enabling the "Define number of tweets to scan" option, the user can specify the number of tweets to pull from Twitter.  Using this option is a full bypass to the multiplication logic explained above; the module will pull specifically the number of tweets you specify in the "# of Tweets to Scan" option.  For best results, you'll need to set this number to be at least 5 times higher than the "# of Tweets" option in the Twitter Settings panel (since 5 is the highest multiplier used by the code).

How Does The Bypass Affect My Display

Answer - It doesn't.  The final output will still be at a maximum the value you specify in the "# of Tweets" option.  This method only affects the amount of data being retrieved from Twitter.