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Frequently Asked Questions

Users occasionally have some questions about Tweet Display Back. This FAQ is intended to answer questions about the type of data that can be accessed, versions of Joomla! supported, and various commonly asked questions.

Q Pre 3.0 - Why do I receive a "This user has reached the maximum allowable queries against Twitter's API for the hour." message?

Twitter's API limits requests on the REST API (which is the API being used to retreive your tweets) to 150 per hour. With caching disabled, a request will be made with every site visit. You are encouraged to enable caching for the module (located under the advanced parameters), even with a one minute lifetime, to limit the number of requests.

Q 3.0 & Newer - Why do I receive a "Due to an error, potentially a timed-out connection to Twitter, this user's tweets are unable to be displayed." message?

Due to the authentication mechanism in place presently, all extension users are using a shared pool of API hits which reset every 15 minutes. To assist with this, improved cache mechanisms are in place to display the message less often, but a successful pull must be made and caching enabled before this will apply.

Q What does Tweet Display Back do?

Tweet Display Back displays tweets on your Joomla! website from a user or list of your choosing, but only if the tweets are NOT protected.

Q Why are protected tweets not displayed?

Displaying protected tweets would require the use of Twitter's OAuth to log in the user and retrieve the protected tweet(s). Currently, OAuth is not implemented in the module.

Q What versions of Joomla! do you support?

Current, actively maintained versions of Joomla! will be supported, to include future versions once they are in the beta phase. At present, 2.5.6 and later, including all 3.x releases, are supported.

Q Can other information be retrieved?

Yes, information such as user mentions and the home timeline (what you see when logged into twitter.com) can be pulled from Twitter's API feeds.  Also, additional bits of data concerning the user and tweet are by default returned from Twitter but not processed with this module.  Many of Twitter's API feeds require OAuth authentication to retreive additional information. OAuth is not implemented in this module at this point in time.

Q Can I request features, report bugs, or provide a translation?

Certainly! The links for these activities are on the About Tweet Display Back page. Feel free to contribute patches or pull requests to go with your report as well! Appropriate credit will be given if an idea you code is included.