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Yet Another Social Plugin 1.1.0 (Finally) Released

Yet Another Social Plugin 1.1.0 has (finally) been released today.  This is the first stable release of the 1.1 series.  This version supports Joomla! 2.5 and 3.0.

New for 1.1

The 1.1 release series brings in three major new features.  Visible to the user is the addition of the LinkedIn button.  Invisible to the user is that the plugin now contains advanced processing logic to dynamically set each button's language based on first the article's settings, followed by the site's configuration, and falling back on English if your language is not available.  This is further explained in this tutorial. Lastly, the ability to choose the views the buttons are displayed in has been added.


A big thanks to Olaf Rietzschel for writing the code adding the LinkedIn button as well as laying the framework for the language processing.


Yet Another Social Plugin has been translated into eight languages, and and these translations are included with the plugin.  A big thanks to the Open Translators teams for translating the plugin!

Supports Joomla! 2.5 & Newer

At this time, Joomla! 2.5 & newer are supported.

Upgrade from 1.0

You will be able to update from any previous release by downloading the package from this site or using the core Joomla! update system to upgrade from your site's backend.

Need Additional Support?

Documentation about the plugin is available on this site in the Yet Another Social Plugin section.  This area includes information about the plugin, a description of the various configuration options (coming soon), and a method to subscribe for e-mail updates.  If you don't see something here that you think would be beneficial for all users, feel free to Contact Me with your suggestion.

Future Development

As bug reports come in and features are requested, I will modify the code and issue new releases.  However, given the core features are derived from stable API's, there will probably not be many releases with major changes.

Support the Project

You can contribute to the project by visiting the space on GitHub at https://github.com/BabDev/Yet-Another-Social-Plugin and report bugs, provide patches for known issues, suggest new improvements, or download a working copy of the Git repository. As well, translations are being accepted for the configuration area. As part of the Open Translators initiative, the plugin is listed on Transifex to accept community translations.

Plugin Download

Download the newest posted release from the Latest Releases listing. Don't see this specific release listed? Check the Archived Releases listing for all of the installation packages that are available.