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Tweet Display Back Development Suspended

UPDATE - Development has resumed since the publishing of this article. It remains published for historical reasons.

As of today, I am announcing that development on Tweet Display Back has been suspended. Unfortunately, due to changes in the Twitter API, I cannot further enhance upon this project at this point in time.


Last September, Twitter announced a new version of their API and that the version of the API that Tweet Display Back has been using since day one would be disabled on or around March 5, 2013. Among the changes they announced included that they would no longer allow unauthenticated requests to most of the API, including all datapoints that the module uses to get its data. Additionally, they announced future support for an application level authentication mechanism, which theoretically would allow me to request data from the API while continuing to not require the user explicitly authorize the application in their Twitter account or storing their Twitter credentials in my module's configuration. This authentication mechanism has yet to be implemented, and we are under a month away from the old API being disabled.

The Future

All users of the module, unless they are using the latest 3.0 beta, will soon see nothing but error messages in place of the tweet stream. Once the old API is turned off around March 5, that's it for any existing releases of Tweet Display Back. The 3.0 beta will still display tweets thanks to an improved cache mechanism, but won't refresh with new tweets ever. I will continue to monitor the API changes and watch for the application level authentication mechanism or choose to implement an OAuth authentication mechanism to allow users to use the newest version of the module. But at this point, though ready for release, it makes no sense for me to issue the 3.0 release if its primary dependency will disappear in a few short weeks.

What happens now?

Users of the module have a few options. You can find another Joomla! module that works with the latest Twitter API and use it to display your tweets, use one of Twitter's embedded timelines as a replacement for the module, or stop displaying tweets on your site. Unfortunately, those are the only options at the moment until a further code update of this module is issued.

Thanks for the great time!

It's been fun developing the module and supporting the users of it. Since the first release at the end of August 2010, there have been over 25,000 downloads of the module, averaging almost 30 new downloads per day! And looking over the public reviews at the Joomla! Extensions Directory, there have been a few folks who've shared their positive (and occasional negative) experiences with the module. All in all, this has been a great run, and I'm sad to see it forced to a temporary halt. But, I have every intention on resuming development later down the road and bringing another quality release of the Tweet Display Back module.