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Tweet Display Back 3.1.0 Released

Tweet Display Back 3.1.0 has been released today and is now available for download.  This is a feature release of the module and supports all Joomla! releases from 2.5.6 up, to include the presently beta Joomla! 3.4. Please note that effective as of yesterday, all 3.0 releases are no longer supported and will not function properly due to an upstream dependency, explained later in this posting.

Changes since 3.0.3

This release introduces several optimizations to the module and new features. Notable changes include:

    • Users are now able to provide their own authentication tokens for connections to the Twitter API
    • Improved detection for sites using HTTPS connections
    • Improved W3C compliance
    • Resolved issue with potentially duplicated tweets

Version 3.0 Releases Broken

Since 3.0.0, there has been a dependency to a third party SaaS platform to serve the API token used to connect to the Twitter API. This platform was chosen instead of using this website due to the high traffic of the serving script (in fact, 3.0.0 and 3.0.1 used this site for the connection and the high traffic exceeded the hosting account's service agreement). The platform has released a new major version and required existing applications to begin migrating before their brown-out period starts on February 18, 2015. This migration was completed yesterday. Unfortunately, the migration did not indicate that the old service URL would not automatically redirect to the new service URL and once the migration was completed, the old service URL was immediately unavailable. Because of the nature of this change, any module with a 3.0 version number will no longer be able to fetch an API token nor connect to the Twitter API to fetch the tweet data.

Future Development

As previously announced, the 3.1 release series of Tweet Display Back will be the last to support older Joomla! releases; the next major release will drop support for Joomla! 2.5 and out-of-support Joomla! 3 releases.

Development is driven by user request and API support.  If the Twitter API or Joomla! platform can support the request, and it is a logical inclusion in this module, then it will more than likely be included in a future release.  Links with additional information about requesting or contributing features can be found in the documentation linked below.

Documentation & Support

As always, further information about the module is available in the Tweet Display Back section of the site, including information about the module's parameters, available translations, FAQ's, and more! Be sure to check out the Tutorials as well with tips on optimizing your module configuration and customizing the module's templates.


As of this release, Tweet Display Back is distributed in a total of twelve languages.  If you would like to update an existing translation or add a new translation, you may do so by visiting the project page on Transifex.

Download & Upgrade

Users wishing to upgrade from previous releases may do so by downloading the release from the downloads repository.  You can also use the core update system of Joomla! to download the updated package. Go to the Extension Manager's Update view and "Find Updates"!

Download the newest posted release from the Latest Releases listing. Don't see this specific release listed? Check the Archived Releaseslisting for all of the installation packages that are available.