Extension Updates

Tweet Display Back 1.5.4 & 1.6.4 Released

Tweet Display Back versions 1.5.4 and 1.6.4 are now available for download. This version includes bug fixes only.

A long standing issue with Tweet Display Back has been that the various templates have been optimized for full information display. So when only an avatar was displayed in the header, it would screw up the layout. A lot of work has been put into fixing the rendering of the templates to better accommodate for the templates by reorganizing the CSS classes (in some cases, optimizing them and reducing the need for repeated styling), introducing new classes, and adding additional conditional logic. Because of some of the CSS changes made from previous versions, there is a chance that CSS overrides will have broken with this update. Before applying this update, I highly recommend reviewing the CHANGELOG for 1.x.3 to 1.x.4 to determine what the new classes are for your overrides.

Bug fixes include:

  • Changed the list feeds to the new Twitter API end point
  • Simplified many of the template parameters checks
  • Corrected numerous erroneous parameters checks within the templates and helper
  • Added and modified many CSS classes to result in better output

Joomla! 1.6 users - You can use the core update system to download the updated package. Go to the Extension Manager's Update view and "Find Updates"!

For a full list of changes, you can look at the CHANGELOG for each version.

Download the newest posted release from the Latest Releases listing. Don't see this specific release listed? Check the Archived Releases listing for all of the installation packages that are available.