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Yet Another Social Plugin

Explaining the Button's Language

As of the 1.1 release, Yet Another Social Plugin contains advanced logic to dynamically set the language of each of the social buttons based on your site's configuration.

How It Works

For every button but the LinkedIn button, the buttons are able to be displayed in numerous languages by setting a language code to be called upon when loading the button.  Logic is in place to dynamically set this language based on your article's data, then the site's language, and if neither of those languages are present in the authorized language codes, the buttons will fall back on the default English language.

Context Appropriate

In keeping with Joomla! 1.7's multi-language features, Yet Another Social Plugin too is now ready to be multi-language.  The buttons will first attempt to load in the article's language, a great asset to the multi-language feature, and if the article's language is set to All or doesn't exist in the authorized languages, the plugin then uses the site's default language as defined in the Language Manager.  No need for article specific overrides to make the buttons load in your language; it's done for you!