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Yet Another Social Plugin

Customizing the Output

Yet Another Social Plugin as infrastructure in place to make it easy for users to customize the plugin's output.

Customize the Output

Logic is in place to allow users to make a copy of the CSS and template files (located in media/yetanothersocial/css and plugins/content/yetanothersocial/tmpl respectively) to fully customize the layout and appearance.  Note that the file names must be retained otherwise the plugin will fall back on the defaults.  Following Joomla conventions, customized files should be placed at the following locations:

  • CSS: <your_template_path>/css/yetanothersocial/<file>
  • Template Layout: <your_template_path>/html/yetanothersocial/<file>

What Can I Change?

It is important you keep the structure for the buttons in the template files, but the CSS is yours to do whatever you like with.  The plugin includes this logic to allow sites to ensure the buttons are laid out the way that owners want them to be without hacking away at core files.