Package Update

Pagerfanta 3.0 Beta Released

January 1, 2021

Today I'm happy to announce that the 3.0 beta releases for Pagerfanta and PagerfantaBundle have been published. These releases mark a milestone following several months of code review, restructuring, and modernization.

The primary driver for these new major versions has been a modernization of the Pagerfanta API, addressing minor inconsistencies in the PHP templating integration, and the removal of deprecated APIs and support for some pagination adapters. The most significant changes include:

  • PHP 7.4 is required for the library and Symfony bundle
  • The Pagerfanta library has dropped support for the pagination adapters integrating the legacy Mongo PHP extension, Mandango, and Propel
  • The Symfony bundle no longer uses PHP templates for translation support, Twig templates must be used instead
  • The Symfony bundle now only includes the pagerfanta/core package (the core API of Pagerfanta), users will need to install the additional packages their application requires or install the pagerfanta/pagerfanta monopackage to install all first party integrations
  • The supported versions of third party packages has been restricted greatly, 3.0.0 is predominantly only supporting either the latest minor version branch or in the case of recent major releases the new major version and the last minor branch from the previous major release, this eases the maintenance burden and verifying compatibility with supported packages

An in-depth upgrade guide is available on the 3.x branch of both of the repositories which should cover all potentially breaking changes. All users are encouraged to test the beta releases and provide feedback.