Below is a list of resources that I use and would recommend to others for various aspects of my online life.  Even though I recommend these resources for use, I also encourage you to research them and make sure they suit your needs.

DISCLOSURE Some of the links in this list are affiliate links.  For those unfamiliar with this, it means if you go to a website using the link listed here and register for a service, I will earn something from the company for the referral.  Please do not feel an obligation to use a resource because I've recommended it or may earn something from your use.  As stated before, please do your research and select the resource that best suits your needs.


  • SiteGround - I currently host sites through SiteGround.  Since registering, I've had nothing but positive experiences with their support services.  Migration was made easy and their support staff is quick to respond to questions and will work with you to make sure you're set up for success.


  • Admin Tools - One of the fine tools from Akeeba, Admin Tools is a powerful component for Joomla! which helps quickly set up some basic security infrastructure on your websites.
  • myJoomla - As a security auditing service, myJoomla will scan your Joomla websites and check your site's security, including modified core files and software versions.

Development Environment

  • Navicat - I've recently started working with Navicat software, specifically Navicat for MySQL and Navicat Data Modeler.  Navicat for MySQL makes it easy to quickly synchronize databases between two servers, great for doing work locally then pushing to remote, and vise-versa.  The data modeler has been very beneficial in helping me build database models and work on multi-database schemas and has made me think more about how I build my base schema.
  • PhpStorm - To me, one of the more important tools for local development is an IDE.  PhpStorm is my preferred IDE for its power, flexibility, ease of use, and multi-platform support (I work in both a Windows and Macintosh environment and don't want to maintain separate toolsets in each environment).
  • Sequel Pro - For working with my databases, local and remote, Sequel Pro is the number one tool.  It presents a simple to use interface and has made database work go much quicker for me.

File Storage

  • Dropbox - For file storage, public and private, Dropbox is at the top of my list of products.  Again, it has multi-platform support spanning mobile devices as well, really important for me.

Site Backup

  • Akeeba Backup - The de facto backup standard for Joomla, no other tool makes life easier in terms of managing backups and moving sites between servers.

Version Control

  • GitHub - Easily the number one version control host on the market today, GitHub makes it easy for users of all levels to put their data into a VCS, and their documentation, tutorials, and supporting applications are top of the line.