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Retrieving Views

You can access the Pagerfanta views through the pagerfanta.view_factory service, which is a Pagerfanta\View\ViewFactoryInterface instance. This is useful if your application does not use Twig but you still want to use Pagerfanta views for rendering pagination lists.


namespace App\Service;

use Pagerfanta\Pagerfanta;
use Pagerfanta\RouteGenerator\RouteGeneratorFactoryInterface;
use Pagerfanta\View\ViewFactoryInterface;

final class PagerfantaService
    private ViewFactoryInterface $viewFactory;
    private RouteGeneratorFactoryInterface $routeGeneratorFactory;

    public function __construct(ViewFactoryInterface $viewFactory, RouteGeneratorFactoryInterface $routeGeneratorFactory)
        $this->viewFactory = $viewFactory;
        $this->routeGeneratorFactory = $routeGeneratorFactory;

    public function render(Pagerfanta $pagerfanta, string $view, array $options = []): string
        return $this->viewFactory->get($view)->render($pagerfanta, $this->routeGeneratorFactory->create($options), $options);