Available Views

Default Views

All of the views provided in the pagerfanta/core package are available by default for use with this bundle.

The below table lists the view names and the corresponding class.

View Name Class Name
default Pagerfanta\View\DefaultView
foundation6 Pagerfanta\View\Foundation6View
semantic_ui Pagerfanta\View\SemanticUiView
twitter_bootstrap Pagerfanta\View\TwitterBootstrapView
twitter_bootstrap3 Pagerfanta\View\TwitterBootstrap3View
twitter_bootstrap4 Pagerfanta\View\TwitterBootstrap4View
twitter_bootstrap5 Pagerfanta\View\TwitterBootstrap5View

Twig View

This bundle provides a Pagerfanta view which renders a Twig template. If you have not already, you will need to install the pagerfanta/twig package.

The below table lists the available templates and the CSS framework they correspond to.

Template Name Framework
@BabDevPagerfanta/default.html.twig None (Pagerfanta's default view)
@BabDevPagerfanta/foundation6.html.twig Foundation (version 6.x)
@BabDevPagerfanta/semantic_ui.html.twig Semantic UI (version 2.x)
@BabDevPagerfanta/tailwind.html.twig Tailwind CSS
@BabDevPagerfanta/twitter_bootstrap.html.twig Bootstrap (version 2.x)
@BabDevPagerfanta/twitter_bootstrap3.html.twig Bootstrap (version 3.x)
@BabDevPagerfanta/twitter_bootstrap4.html.twig Bootstrap (version 4.x)
@BabDevPagerfanta/twitter_bootstrap5.html.twig Bootstrap (version 5.x)

The labels of the "Previous" and "Next" buttons are localizable in the Twig templates.

See the Pagerfanta documentation for more information about building a Twig template.

Default View CSS

The bundle comes with basic CSS for the default view so you can get started quickly.

<link rel="stylesheet" href="{{ asset('bundles/babdevpagerfanta/css/pagerfanta.css') }}">

If you are using the AssetMapper component in your application, the CSS file can also be loaded through that component. Please see the Symfony documentation for examples of importing assets from bundles and importing assets outside your /assets directory.