Installation & Setup

To install the full package, run the following Composer command:

composer require pagerfanta/pagerfanta

Pagerfanta is also split into several smaller packages to allow more granular control over the features used and dependencies required. All packages are dependent on the pagerfanta/core package which contains all of the interfaces for the Pagerfanta API, the Pagerfanta\Pagerfanta class, and the PHP based views and templates.

The following first party packages are available to include additional functionality:

  • pagerfanta/doctrine-collections-adapter: Provides a pagination adapter for Doctrine\Common\Collections\Collection and Doctrine\Common\Collections\Selectable implementations
  • pagerfanta/doctrine-dbal-adapter: Provides support for the Doctrine DBAL package
  • pagerfanta/doctrine-mongodb-odm-adapter: Provides support for the Doctrine MongoDB ODM package
  • pagerfanta/doctrine-orm-adapter: Provides support for the Doctrine ORM package
  • pagerfanta/doctrine-phpcr-odm-adapter: Provides support for the Doctrine PHPCR ODM package
  • pagerfanta/elastica-adapter: Provides support for Elastica (an ElasticSearch PHP client)
  • pagerfanta/solarium-adapter: Provides support for Solarium (a Solr search client)
  • pagerfanta/twig: Provides support for Twig