Sylius Shipping Estimate Plugin


Version Not Yet Released

You are viewing the documentation for the 1.x branch of the Sylius Shipping Estimate Plugin package which has not yet been released. Be aware that the API for this version may change before release.

Customize the Output

Using both Symfony's template overrides and the SyliusThemeBundle theme overrides, the plugin layouts can be customized to suit your website.

Frontend Layout

The frontend layout is generated by the @BabDevSyliusShippingEstimatePlugin/Cart/Estimator/_widget.html.twig template. You can customize this by copying the src/Resources/views/Cart/Estimator/_widget.html.twig file to one of the following locations, depending on your site's configuration:

  • themes/<my-theme>/templates/bundles/BabDevSyliusShippingEstimatePlugin/Cart/Estimator/_widget.html.twig if using the SyliusThemeBundle
  • templates/bundles/BabDevSyliusShippingEstimatePlugin/Cart/Estimator/_widget.html.twig if NOT using the SyliusThemeBundle


The JavaScript file at src/Resources/public/js/babdev-sylius-shipping-estimator.js is designed to be able to be loaded standalone after the core Sylius UI assets (a requirement because of the use of jQuery) and by design is only loaded on the cart summary page when there is an active cart. If you would like to customize the JavaScript, you should copy the JavaScript file from this plugin into your application's assets directory, include it within your own build process, and disable the block listener for the Sylius template event that loads the JavaScript file by adding the below snippet to your config/packages/_sylius.yaml file:

                    enabled: false