Sylius Shipping Estimate Plugin


Version Not Yet Released

You are viewing the documentation for the 1.x branch of the Sylius Shipping Estimate Plugin package which has not yet been released. Be aware that the API for this version may change before release.

Installation & Setup

To install this plugin, run the following Composer command:

composer require babdev/sylius-shipping-estimate-plugin

Register The Plugin

For an application using Symfony Flex the plugin should be automatically registered, but if not you will need to add it to your config/bundles.php file.


return [
    // ...

    BabDev\SyliusShippingEstimatePlugin\BabDevSyliusShippingEstimatePlugin::class => ['all' => true],

Import the Configuration

In your config/packages/_sylius.yaml file, import the plugin's configuration. This is used to register the plugin with the SyliusUiBundle template events to automatically add the widget to your cart page.

    - { resource: "@BabDevSyliusShippingEstimatePlugin/Resources/config/app/config.yml" }

Import the Routes

In your config/routes.yaml file, import the plugin's routing configuration. The below example uses the default locale-aware frontend routing for Sylius, which you can customize if desired.

    resource: "@BabDevSyliusShippingEstimatePlugin/Resources/config/routing/shop.yml"
    prefix: /{_locale}
        _locale: ^[A-Za-z]{2,4}(_([A-Za-z]{4}|[0-9]{3}))?(_([A-Za-z]{2}|[0-9]{3}))?$